We offer a solution to public transport operators and carriers that simplifies the use of all types of tickets (individual tickets, season tickets, travel passes…) storing them in a secure place in the Smartphone such as the SIM card. We can therefore guarantee transport operators a smooth and reliable service and enable millions of passengers to travel simply by using their Smartphone – even when it is switched off.

By using their NFC Smartphone, passengers can buy their ticket where and when they want using their transport provider’s App and stock it on their phone. When they start their journey, they simply place their phone in front of the validation system or present it to the ticket agent and the phone will transmit the ticket to the equipment. Thanks to NFC technology, it’s automatic and there is no need to unlock the phone or launch the travel App.

Launched in France in the second quarter of 2017, the service will soon be offered across Europe and will be available for other uses such as access to the swimming baths or the library.

How does it work?

At Wizway Solutions we have chosen to provide everything you need to make YOUR MOBILE APPLICATION a real sales tool. A 100% mobile experience from purchase to validation right through to inspection is now possible.

We provide a kit for developers that allows for rapid and simple virtualisation of tickets on a secure section within the Smartphone and allows direct validation of the ticket on a contactless system.

By using our solution, you keep control of your developments and your clients’ data.

The best mobile ticketing solution for you and your customers

A seamless

Our solution allows any type of ticket ((individual tickets, season tickets, travel passes…) to be stored and offers a seamless experience for the passenger whatever their mode of transport.

An all-inclusive

Our solution has been designed to allow transport operators and public bodies to remain focused on their priorities. We look after any technological upgrades.

The most secure
solution on the market

Your tickets are kept in a secure part of the Smartphone such as the SIM card. They cannot be copied or forged. More importantly only you have access to your clients’ personal data.

All the services available
on your Smartphone

Our solution is a real mobility hub. Currently available for transport, in the future we will be able to cater for all everyday activities. It will soon be possible to access the swimming baths, the library and many other services.

Rapid and
inexpensive implementation

Compatible with NFC and ticketing standards, our solution is fully compatible with existing contactless systems, allowing for rapid deployment without the need for investment in extra equipment.

A versatile hub for mobility and everyday services

A solution based on an API that can be implemented simply and quickly with the guarantee of customer support throughout the project.

Supply of SDK

A complete software development kit to simplify development as well as a test app and source code for instant testing of the service.

Development and Integration

Provision of a pre-production environment and test SIM cards to facilitate development and integration.


Support for your teams right through to the implementation of the service

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