NEW! An even simpler way to integrate NFC ticketing on a smartphone!

16 January 2020

Since 2017, Wizway have been offering a solution for digitising transport tickets on NFC smartphones that is safe, reliable and easily integrated into mobile apps through a software development kit.

Our new kit goes even further and has been completely re-thought with three major aims:

New SDK Wizway Solutions introduce its new SDK – Reduce, Improve, simplify


To speed up integration, we have reduced the number of available API’s. A single call is all that is needed to launch the installation; every step of the process has been fully automated.
Objective attained: the time needed to integrate the SDK has gone from 30 days to 10 days and we have removed nearly 20 individual tests.


We take care of all the different customer paths regarding the installation of the service and the management of the life cycle of the applet.
We now manage 100% of use cases with the systematic implementation of a default behaviour.


We are constantly searching for solutions to simplify the whole of the integration process. In 2019, we implemented a Maven repository to give you access to continuously updated resources.
We have also improved our catalogue to provide off the shelf functions, such as asking the user to activate the NFC if it is deactivated.
With a 3 fold reduction in the number of lines of code that you need to produce, our new API’s have a direct impact on the development and maintenance costs of your applications.


To find out more about this new development kit, please speak to your usual contacts, our get in touch with us directly:

Audrey, Head of Product at Wizway