NFC Mobile Ticketing • Q & A fact check with Wizway Solutions

7 October 2019

Is NFC Mobile ticketing available for all Android Smartphones?

Are iPhones compatible with the mobile ticketing service?

The whole range of fares is available?

NFC drains the battery

Calypso is not compatible with the latest generation of NFC chips?

Bankcard solutions are more practical?


NFC Mobile ticketing is available for all Android Smartphones

Wizway’s solution is already compatible with 100% of Android NFC Smartphones as it combines all the available NFC mobile technologies : SIM cards of mobile network operators + Secure Element (SE) available in the smartphones of major manufacturers + HCE (Host Card Emulation, secure Android software.
SIM and Secure element provide a world class customer experience in terms of speed and security. Ticket validation is even possible when the smartphone is off or out of battery !
Wizway’s NFC platform is already compatible with over 600 smartphone types of 52 different manufacturers.

NOT YET in Paris Ile-de-France
The digitization of transport tickets through HCE technology enables 100% compatibility with Android Smartphones regardless of the brand or mobile network operator. The acceptance of this technology by transit networks necessitates a software update to readers which requires some time to be implemented.


iPhones are compatible with closed loop mobile ticketing

Not yet TRUE
Apple is the manufacturer the most heavily invested in NFC technology.

Apple Pay, the most widely used mobile payment solution, is based on NFC Secure Element technology which is available on all iPhone models since the 6s in 2017. Since then Apple has steadily opened up compatibility with closed loop transit technology providers in major transit networks such as Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Chicago…
Discussions between Wizway Solutions and Apple to allow the use of transport tickets on Apple equipment are progressing very well. Further information on the timing and implementation of this will be available in due course.


NFC is compatible with the widest range of transit fares

Providing a high level of security and trust, the NFC technology offered by Wizway is compatible with the full range fares: from a single ticket to an annual season ticket, including reduced or concessionary fares. It is also compatible with Account Based Ticketing (ABT) solutions. This makes NFC a key ticketing technology for Mobility As A Service mobile apps.

If the ticketing system of the transit network allows it, it can also be used for multiple passengers.

The choice of fares and terms and conditions of travel are the responsibility of the transport operator or transport authority.

For the launch in Île-de-France, a very wide range of fares is already available from a carnet of 10 single tickets to a monthly pass, including airport transfer buses. The fare range will be progressively increased.


NFC drains the battery

With NFC technology, the Smartphone is in “passive” mode, unlike with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is the validation equipment that sends information to “wake” the Smartphone: NFC’s battery use is therefore negligible.

NFC technology based on the SIM card or the Secure Element is the only technology that allows inspection or validation even when the Smartphone is switched off or out of battery!


Calypso is not compatible with the latest generation of NFC chips

Calypso is one of the key global ticketing standards used in transport. Already implemented by over 150 Transit networks worldwide, this standard is open and available to everyone as an open source standard. It is compatible with the widest range of smartphones and therefore with the latest generation of NFC chips.

Wizway’s solution integrates Calypso compatibility for all available NFC technologies: on the SIM cards of mobile operators, the Secure Elements of Smartphone manufacturers or the Host Card Emulation secure software.


Open Payment is a better solution that transit card emulation on smartphones

Open payment solutions have seen traction in recent years, providing a practical ticketing solution for occasional customers or tourists using public transit with a contactless bank card.

Transit card emulation provided by Wizway brings transit operators and authorities many major advantages.

Unlike open payment, transit card emulation enables the digitization of the whole range of available fares, including season passes and reduced or special fares.

Fully integrated into the existing transit operator mobile app, Wizway’s ticketing adds a key element to a whole range of services already available through the app : from finding an itinerary to buying and validating a transport ticket, making it the backbone of MaaS.

Having an app used daily by travellers gives transit operators the multiple advantages of a personalised relationship with their customers through a customer account: providing top class customer service and getting accurate and immediate info of travel usage.

In addition, the possible implementation into wallets or maps/plans make it the ideal transit service for tourists that will find it a perfect fit for moving around the city with their smartphone.

Last, but not least, Wizway’s NFC mobile ticketing is compatible with existing contactless infrastructure with limited or no investment, making it quick and unexpensive to implement.


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* List of compatible Samsung phones 1st September 2019: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, A8, S7, S7 edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, S10e, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 10+, A70, A80.