What is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a mature and well-developed technology that is widely used, particularly in contactless cards for transport, payment and access. This a key technology on the majority of transport networks which have done the investment to support contactless cards or tickets, for a significant improvement of the travelers experience (e.g. more than 150M Calypso cards Europewide).

What is NFC mobile ticketing?

NFC becomes also a key technology for mobile, as soon as secure transactions are concerned. This is the technology chosen by the major mobile players for they payment solutions, because it enables the best user experience, the easiest one, and it meets the security required by these transactions (payment transactions on mobile are set to jump from 15% in 2017 to 53% in 2022).
NFC mobile ticketing is intent on having all the travel rights stored within the smartphone so that it can be used for travelling (validation, control) as simply as a contactless card.

What is Wizway Solutions?

Wizway provides a service to Transport Authorities and Operators in order to allow them to provide a new digital service highly expected by millions of passengers : to use their smartphone for traveling whatever the transport mode. Our flexible solution is compatible with all ticketing systems and all ticketing fare.
Travelers can purchase any type of ticket (individual tickets, season tickets, travel passes…) anywhere and at any time. Better still, as all the tickets are stored in the same place, organizing a journey using several different modes of transport becomes easy. The smartphone has the added advantage of an increase in security and a reduction of life’s daily problems: if the smartphone is lost or stolen, the services are disabled in real time and reactivated on the new phone, wherever the client is.
Many transit networks relying on NFC technology for their contactless ticketing, Wizway brings a simple solution which turns all kind of NFC smartphones, into a transit card (or several transit cards).
The offering is carried out by an API which is to be integrated in the Operator’s mobile application selling tickets: travelers buy their tickets using the mobile application (when they want, where they want), which is able, thanks to the API, to store the tickets into the smartphone, so that it can be used very easily (as a transit card!) for validations or controls.
There was just to think about it… and to be seen by the major mobile players around the world as the right partner to make this happen: this is going on!

Where are the tickets stored?

There are 2 ways of storing a ticket on a smartphone: either on a hardware container within the smartphone (such as the Secure Element embedded in smartphones) or within a software container (a phone’s memory, based on Host Card Emulation technology, compatible with most Android NFC smartphones).
Wizway is the first platform in Europe offering the all range of NFC technologies (SE/HCE): every mobile application integrating the Wizway API is able to propose the ticketing service to all kinds of NFC smartphones (Android & iOS), with an outstanding level of customer experience and security.