What is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a mature and well-developed technology that is widely used, particularly in contactless cards for transport, payment and access. Its ease of use gives the user simple and rapid access to services while at the same time providing security and reliability to the providers of those services.

What is NFC mobile ticketing?

In 2016, 93% of French people over the age of 12 owned a mobile phone and over 80% of Smartphones sold in France are equipped with NFC technology.  It is clear that in future, all services, such as paying for shopping, taking the bus, accessing the gym or the office, will be available from your Smartphone. NFC mobile ticketing is already well established and the next step is obvious: no more plastic cards, barcodes or paper tickets – all the information will be stored on your Smartphone.

What is Wizway Solutions?

The main goal of Wizway Solutions is simple: to allow millions of passengers to use their Smartphone as their ticket. We make it possible to purchase any type of ticket (individual tickets, season tickets, travel passes…) anywhere and at any time. Since passengers no longer need a physical point of sale to obtain their ticket, they only need their Smartphone to travel, whatever town they are in. Better still, as all the tickets are stored in the same place, organising a journey using several different modes of transport becomes easy. The a Smartphone has the added advantage of an increase in security and a reduction of life’s daily problems: if the Smartphone is lost or stolen, the services are disabled in real time and reactivated on the new phone, wherever the client is.

Where is the ticket stored?

There are currently two ways of storing a ticket on a Smartphone; either in a physical part of the phone (the SIM card, the built in secure element…) or within software such as the phone’s memory. Wizway solutions already offer a turnkey solution to Transport Operators for storing tickets on passenger’s SIM cards and will soon be integrating other alternatives. Moreover, the service can be rapidly deployed, as it is 100% compatible with existing contactless systems.

Compatibility with existing contactless systems