European leader in mobile NFC

Wizway, expert des services NFC sur smartphones, est leader européen des solutions m-ticket sans contact pour la mobilité. Ce succès s’appuie notamment sur 3 exclusivités uniques parmi les solutions du marché.


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3 Unique Exclusives


Seule plateforme en Europe qui gère simultanément les technologies HCE (Android) + Secure Element (Apple, Samsung, …).

C’est l’unique solution permettant de proposer un service compatible avec 100% des smartphones NFC


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Our SDKs and their unique architecture allow multiple mobile applications to access a single dematerialized card and ensure optimized management of concurrent access

Allows distribution by any third party or Digital Mobility Service

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Exclusive solution for managing the life cycle of cell phones and connected watches. Compatible with all OS and all technologies. Allows to manage a wide range of after-sales cases, at the initiative of the customer or the operator: smartphone change, transfer to a connected watch, lost or stolen, renewal

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Our team

Wizway Solutions relies on a team of experts in the marketing and technical fields of both transport and mobile, and therefore has a perfect knowledge of Calypso, smartphones and NFC standards